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Dried shrimp - 3 oz
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There are a lot of products and services on the market. It can be difficult for consumers to choose the right one. Here are the Top 12 Best Dried Shrimp Brand to assist them in making an informed decision about the product or service they are purchasing.

Before finalizing these products, our team analyzed various factors including customer feedback, features, specifications, and price. We have compiled a list of the Top 12 Best Dried Shrimp Brand for all our readers who are looking for them. Hopefully, you will find this article useful!

Best Dried Shrimp Brand

Dried shrimp - 3 oz

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  • Used as in various Thai recipes
  • Soak in hot water for 15 minutes before using
  • Contains shrimp, salt, artificial color
  • Product of Taiwan

Dried Shrimp Dried Louisiana Shrimp USA Dried Shrimp Small 美国虾米 (4oz)

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  • Premium Dried Shrimp From Louisiana. Small Size
  • All Nature Dried Gluten Free And Contains No Monosodium Glutamate. Low Sodium, Low-fat Source of Protein And Essential Vitamins And Minerals
  • Shell, Head & Tail Are Removed. You Get Just The Tasty Dried Shrimp Meat.
  • Store in Refrigerator

Fluker's Freeze Dried Reptile Treats

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  • Great for aquatic turtles, amphibians and tropical fish
  • High in protein and amino acids

Large Sun-Dried Red Shrimp

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  • 2.5 oz Jar
  • Ingredients: Red Shrimp (Solenocera melantho)
  • A great high protein treat, perfect for large tropical fish and aquatic turtles
  • Use as a staple food or an occasional treat, it'll provide a nutritional boost to your feeding regimen
  • Pets will love the taste of the delicious red shrimp!

Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards Freeze-Dried Treats for Cats and Dogs – Shrimp – Gluten-Free Pet Food – 1 Oz.

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  • ALL-NATURAL CAT & DOG FREEZE-DRIED TREATS: Give your canine companion or furry feline a healthy alternative with these Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried Raw treats that are perfect for pet training or pet snacks.
  • HEALTHY DOG SNACKS, CAT SNACKS: Treat your puppy or kitten with a grain-free snack that offers him the protein he needs for daily energy. Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards Freeze-Dried Dog Treats and Cat Treats are also gluten-free and free from added hormones or antibiotics.
  • SAVORY, CHEWY DOG & CAT TREATS: Perfect for finicky eaters, your cat or dog will love these training treats that are chewy, savory and filled with natural ingredients. Each puppy bit is all-natural and the perfect size for those pet training sessions.
  • PET FOOD WITH PREMIUM FLAVOR: Offer your pet the cat food and dog food they can’t resist with these freeze-dried pet treats that are available in flavors such as shrimp.
  • CAT TREATS, DOG SNACKS MADE IN THE U.S.A.: Northwest Naturals offers a complete line of dog food and cat food, as well as scrumptious pet treats and pet snacks the use only natural ingredients to ensure your pets are well-fed and satisfied.

Tetra JumboKrill Freeze-Dried Jumbo Shrimp 14 Ounces, Natural Shrimp Treat For aquarium Fish, red (16200)

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as of February 24, 2022 6:06 pm


  • aquarium DIET SUPPLEMENT Natural shrimp treat designed to supplement any Tetra staple diet foods such as TetraMin Flakes
  • FOR FRESHWATER & SALTWATER FISH Premium-quality nutritious supplement provides variety to your fish’s diet
  • AIDS DIGESTION Complete freeze-dried krill with shells are an excellent source of roughage to support digestion
  • COLOR ENHANCING Astaxanthin a natural color enhancer helps bring out the natural pink orange and red colors of fish
  • USAGE Feed 2 to 3 times a week in addition to staple diet only as much as your fish can consume within a few minutes

Premium Grade Dried shrimp without salt from Thailand 3.52 oz No preservative

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as of February 24, 2022 6:06 pm


  • Dried shrimp from Thailand. Direct from natural, adding for your cooking, great flavor for excellent for food toppings, sprinkle into Soups, Stews, Thai food, Papaya salad, Asian style salad or anything that could use some delicious seafood flavor. Ready to eat, no coloring added, no preservative, no MSG, natural taste from shrimp, and crispy no rubbery texture.
  • Gluten Free and contains no monosodium glutamate. Low Sodium, Low-fat source of protein and essential vitamins and minerals
  • Vacuum packed for a long time storage and kept clean until reaches customers.
  • Store in Cold and Dry place after tearoff, keep far away from sunlight directly. Keep in freezer will give more shelf-lives.

Asia Trans Dried Louisiana Large Shrimp | Hawaiian Favorite | Fresh-Caught & Dehydrated for Snacks, Asian Seafood Salad, Pad Thai, or Soup

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as of February 24, 2022 6:06 pm


  • ELEVATE YOUR FOOD -- Dried Shrimp sourced fresh from the Gulf Coast, USA and packaged in Kona, Hawaii.
  • SNACK GUILT-FREE -- High in protein, low in calories, and low carb. Pairs perfectly with drinks, making it the tastiest bar snack that's good for you!
  • GET HOOKED -- Eat these dried shrimps, also known as ebi or opae, straight out of the bag. Also delicious when added to a variety of Mexican, Japanese, or Chinese dishes.
  • SAVORY SEASONING -- Adds instant umami to any stock, sauce, kimchi, stir fry, or salad recipe. We recommend using it to enhance the flavor of papaya salad, poke, or broth.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS -- Contains only shrimp and salt. No artificial preservatives or colors. Refrigerate after opening to maintain its premium flavor.

Greenlike Dried Small Shrimp Sakura Dried Shrimp 3oz/85g Ramen Shrimp 日本樱花虾米

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Size3 Ounce (Pack of 1)

San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze Dried Mysis Shrimp 3.35oz

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  • Great for algae eaters, angels, discus, tetras, cichlids, gouramis, eels, clownfish, groupers, barbs, live bearers and more.
  • An excellent primary diet, supplement, or treat for your freshwater fish and saltwater fish
  • Special liquid-carbon-dioxide freezing process maximizes freshness and flavor
  • All-natural Mysis shrimp stimulate growth, enhance color, and entice feeding

San Francisco Bay Brand ASF71104 Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp for Fresh and Saltwater Fish, 10gm

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  • Freeze dried brine shrimp shrimper is designed for fresh and saltwater fish
  • Great stimulant and nutrition source for all tropical fish
  • Highly nutritious and excellent main diet, supplement or treat or finicky feeders
  • Provides the essential nutrients to maintain high energy levels and vigor in your fish
  • Available in a 10-grams pack

Zoo Med Sun Dried Large Red Shrimp, 2-1/2-Ounce

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  • Sun-dried red shrimp
  • Protein rich
  • Our pellets float making it easier for aquatic turtles
  • High Protein

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